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Geo Coppens d'Eeckenbrugge and Dimary Libreros Ferla

Spondias mombin L. (Anacardiaceae) 

Spondias mombinCommon synonyms :  Spondias lutea L.

Common names : Sp: ciruela amarilla, ciruela de jobo, ciruela de monte, choco, hobo blanco, hobo, hubo, jobo, jobo del Amazonas, jobe blanco, ubos, jobo gusanero, jocote, marapa, orocillo, rojŪ, ushun, mombin amarillo; Po: cajŠ mirim, cajŠ pequeno, taperebŠ, cajazeira for the tree; En: golden apple, hog plum, yellow mombin; Fr: mombin, mombin jaune, prune d'or, prunier mombin or prunier myrobolan for the tree; Ge: gelbemombinpflaume, schweinspflaume.

Origin and geographical distribution : All tropical America including the West Indies. No evidence of a more restricted area of origin.

Status : Cultivated. Marketed locally.

Description : Tree to 20-30 m branching high, propagated by seeds (extremely slow germination: 150-900 days) and cuttings. Fruit ellipsoid, 2.5-4 cm long, yellow; mesocarp scarce, juicy, clear yellow, highly aromatic; endocarp hard, containing 0-5 seeds.  High genetic variation in fruit quality.

Uses : Pulp eaten fresh, or made into juice, concentrate, jellies, and sherbets.

References: Fouquť, 1972; Nagy et al., 1990; Villachica et al., 1996.


December, 2000

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