An ethnobotanical inventory
Geo Coppens d'Eeckenbrugge and Dimary Libreros Ferla

Passiflora mixta L. (Passifloraceae)

Common names :
Sp: curuba, curuba de indio, curuba de monte, curubita, palta (Colombia), parcha (Venezuela), tacso (Ecuador).

Origin : Andes, from Venezuela to Bolivia, at 1700-3700 m.

Status : Wild, collected, important genetic resource for banana passion fruit breeding.

Description : The type species of subgenus Tacsonia. Vine with trilobate coriaceous leaves, very similar to P. tripartita, except for the general semi-erect position of its long flowers. Fruit with a coriaceous pericarp, very variable in size and pulp characteristics (from small green fruits 5 x 2 cm, with scarce flat, gray, pulp to large fruits, 10 x 4 cm and more, with a sweet, yellow or light orange, pulp). The extreme polymorphism of this species is also expressed in leaf shape and pubescence, flower length (6 to 16 cm), and color (from white to bright red). Highly polymorphic.

Uses : Aril eaten fresh.

References : Fouqué, 1972; Coppens d'Eeckenbrugge et al., 1997.
















December, 2000

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